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Unless they are super kind, very few companies will carry on paying you your salary if you were to become unable to work due to accident or injury. That’s got to be a worry if you depend on your income to pay your bills especially when 2.2m people are off work for six months at any one time through sickness or injury. Are you uncertain about what might happen if you couldn’t work? Have you ever thought what might happen if you wake up in the morning to find out you no longer have a job? Do you want a safety net if you become too ill or injured to work?

We Cover Income Protection provides you with an income if you are not able to work and will normally kick in after your sick pay.

Just some of the variety of conditions covered include:

  • • Infection
  • • Broken bones and muscular strains
  • • Accidents
  • • Stress related disorders
  • • Cancer and other life threatening diseases

We Cover Income Protection will secure around 70% of your earnings before tax, so you don't get paid your full salary but you will get a fair portion of it every month and it's much more than what you will get from your state benefit, enough to make sure the bills are covered as well as the mortgage and anything else you might spend your monthly wage on. The monthly payment will be tax-free and set at the figure you agreed when setting up the package with your We Cover professional advisor.

So, no matter what, We Cover Income Protection will give you total peace of mind because everyone needs a backup plan.

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