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Purchasing We Cover Life Insurance could be one of the most important decisions you could make in your financial life, however it is something most of us will put off till something happens that hits close to home.

Do I need life insurance?

Short answer is "if someone will suffer financially when I die, then yes I need life insurance", it could be your wife, your children, your aging parents, your business partner or employees.

If you could look into a crystal ball and see how long you’d live, you could save for that fateful day and have everything ready for your family, however that isn’t reality. What you are worth is really important when you imagine your loved ones without you it’s easy to see the value of your life and today is a great day to begin the rest of your life.

We Cover Life Insurance could be most affordable today, waiting may result in higher premiums. Good health typically means better rates, no one plans to get sick, but it does happen, if you are healthy today it could mean you have less to pay.

Need more good reasons? A new baby? A recent job change, does your employer offer life insurance? Are you a business owner? Life insurance could play an important part in the organisation. Living Expenses and pay off debt! Make sure your children can afford university if you were to pass away!

How much do I need?

The best way to discover how much you need is to have a We Cover Insurance professional conduct a financial needs analysis by gathering your financial information and estimating how much your family will need after your decease to meet their financial obligations, calculated by looking at three types of expenses:

  • • Immediate Expenses (Funeral, Medical, Mortgage and debt, Tax, Estate settlement costs)
  • • Ongoing expenses (Food, Housing, Utilities, Transportation, Clothing, Insurance)
  • • Future expenses (University, Retirement)

There's nothing more important than getting the right amount of life insurance and you need to get it right the first time. That’s where our experienced advisers can help.

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